Our Brands

Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients, Canna, Emerald Harvest, Gold Leaf, Gaia Green, General Hydroponics, Fox Farm, Meigs Heavy 16, Nectar for the Gods, Green Trees 

Cloning Products: Hormex, Rootech, Clonex, EZ Cloner, Oxycloner.

Lighting: HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group), Nextlight, Luxx, Hortilux, Mars Hydro.

Test Meters: HM Digital, Bluelab

AC Infinity Fans and Filters: Can Carbon Filters, Kootenay Carbon Filter

  • Gorilla Grow Tents
  • Integra Boost and Boveda Humidity Packs
  • AutoPot Systems
  • SNS Pest Control Products
  • NorCal 86
  • Butter Brewers
  • Mammoth Products
  •  Terpify
  • Terpinator

Featured Brands