To move your seedlings up to a larger home in a soil- or soilless-based mix, do so in stages. The first pot after seedlings has grown healthy roots that have penetrated the plug should be a ½ to 1-gallon size pot. Make sure the larger pot’s medium is the same moisture as the plug, open a hole and slip the plug into the soil, firming gently. Never handle the seedling by its stem! Pot up again, moving as much of the old soil into the new pot, when the roots are visible through the bottom of the smaller pot. 3 -5 gallons should be the final size of the pot.

Simply moving the plant to a large pot directly from the clone plug or seedling mass to a large pot means that nutrient buildup in the soil is inevitable. The roots will burn when they attempt to spread into this area, causing stunting and wilt. If you can do three potups this is even better but definitely more time-consuming.